026 – The Golden State

the golden state

It was almost a month ago, when my hopes of eating a burger from The Golden State were dashed by the villainy of one of my roommates. That injustice was finally corrected this afternoon when we made the journey for what is regarded as one of the better burgers in LA.

Now let me clear something up before you get too confused: while California is known as “the golden state” I’m not talking about the state as a whole. Come on, you silly goose! I can’t believe that’s what you thought I meant. No, I’m referring to The Golden State, a burger joint on Fairfax Avenue, betwee Rosewood and Oakwood. It’s a hole in the wall kind of place, hidden amongst the fancy boutiques that are so out of place in the grungy-looking neighborhood.

check out that exposed brick

check out that exposed brick

I gave the menu a look, but I already knew what I was going to get: “The Burger.” The menu describes it as “Harris Ranch beef, Fiscalini Farms cheddar, glazed applewood smoked bacon, arugula, aioli, ketchup.” Simple, yet elegant. The service at this point of the transaction was top-notch, even got in some riffing with the cashier.

There were several drink options available, but I went with the one that was the most free. The Golden State serves their water with lemon and it was very refreshing. And did I mention it was free?! Sign me up!

All of a sudden, our food arrived. The wait was not bad at all. And check out this burger:

the burger


glamour shot

glamour shot

It was a juicy sucker (my notes describe it as “juicy as shit,” but that is probably not the best simile). This is far from a fast food patty. And it’s cooked to perfection. It definitely ranks up there on the LA burger list.

(digression: you know what doesn’t make that list? In-N-Out. Congratulations California, you cracked the code on how to make a fast food burger that is slightly better than McDonald’s. You all drank the Kool-Aid out of those John 3:16 cups are forgot what a hamburger is really all about).

Let’s talk sides. I ordered the fries, because I’m read blooded American and I eat my meat with potatoes. These fries were the worst part of the experience. They tasted like the frozen fries you buy from your local grocery store. The fellas behind the counter did spice them up with an interesting herb blend, though I was left wishing that seasoning was on quality spuds.

My dining companion ordered the sweet potato wedges, and while I’m generally not a fan of sweet potatoes I can imagine someone who is more into “healthy stuff” would find these to be a fine selection. Especially with that aforementioned garlic aioli. Mon dieu!

All in all I had a net positive experience at The Golden State. They have various dinner options (ribeye steak sandwich, Italian beef) that looked fascinating. Hopefully I’ll find some time to go back again one day. Ah who am I kidding? I’ll probably just get that burger again.

seconds before i licked it clean

seconds before i licked it clean

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