032 – The 3 Clubs Cocktail Lounge

the 3  clubs

This is going to be a short one. Because I’m tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow (can you believe it? On the Lord’s day). So enjoy it while you can.

I have a cousin, a few years older than myself, who used to live near where I currently habitate. For years he has been telling me about The 3 Clubs – about how cool it was back in his day. I scoffed, because clearly times have changed. Even when friends visited the bar and reported back positive thing, I was still disbelieving. I mean, he and I are spearated by a number of years; we couldn’t possibly like the same things. Well I’m here to report: it’s pretty cool.

The 3 Clubs is a bit of a dive, but that’s exactly what I look for in a Los Angeles bar. I’m not looking to go anywhere that requires slacks or dress shoes, because usually I’m wearing jeans and sneakers (I’m real laid back, ya know?). The music was loud, but not so loud that I could not carry on a conversation with my drinking companions. It was definitely a good second location for decompression.

The bar staff was plenty polite. The drinks were pricey (I paid eight dollars for a gin and tonic), but they make ’em pretty strong; it’s a good thing the place is walking distance. The beers are a little more reasonable, and they’re stocked up on Golden Road cans, so if that’s your thing, come on down.

Much like Molly Malone’s there is a back room for those less concerned about volume level. I, however, am an old man (despite my physical age) so I do not concern myself with such things. But for the young people – who love to twerk, etc. – I’m sure it is ideal for rug-cutting and such.

The mythical well-lit, quiet dive bar still eludes me; I may never find it. But The 3 Clubs may tide me over for now. Because sometimes you’re just not in the mood to walk more than three blocks to get a drink.

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