033 – Super Bowl XLVIII

super bowl xlviii

Well that was something. This is why we follow professional sports: so we can see an exciting championship game like this!

First Half

Oh wait. Never mind. This game was a laughingstock. From the very beginning.

I rarely watch a sports game that I do not have a vested interest in, so when I do (usually in a post-season situation) I like to be entertained. The NFL – more than any other pro sports organization – takes this task seriously. Between the game, the commercials, and the halftime show there is usually something everyone can enjoy.

But the game has to be the real draw. Without that your event will be quickly forgotten. You need drama and tension. Otherwise people will remember this as the year there was no Super Bowl, like in 2011 when they cancelled the game for some reason.

The Seahawks have been grinding hard all year, so most non-Coloradans were of the opinion that they would win the day. But it is as if the Denver Broncos also realized they were going to lose, so they figured they shouldn’t even try. Well if that’s your attitude Peyt, why should those of us watching care?


Who cares about Bruno Mars? When did he become such a big deal? I dug the drums and hoped he wouldn’t sing at all. My hopes were quickly dashed. There was no love for the backing singers, who were doing most of the work. At least they can take solace in 20 Feet from Stardom. My takeaway is that Bruno Mars desperately wants to be Prince. And he did a not-terrible job. Oh yeah, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are so old. Anthony Kiedis is old-man-jacked now. Probably time to keep the shirt on, Ant.

Second Half

What. A. Joke. Look it’s not that a have a problem with the Seahawks (I do have a problem with Pete Carrol, but that’s another story) – I just wanted this game to be interesting. And this thing was not that.

So I guess all there is to do is try to enjoy the commercials. There aren’t many good ones this year. I’m hard pressed to think of any that really made me guffaw. The Doberman-Chihuahua Audi commercial was fun/disturbing. As was Bruce Willis for Honda. And the Full House reunion. The real winner though, was Coca-Cola for finally declaring that America is the best, no matter what language you speak (or sing).

As the third quarter drew to a close it became clear that they only way this game would go down as interesting in any way would be if Denver managed to shoot the moon and not score any points at all. Guess what? They couldn’t even do that right.

The fourth quarter continued the uneventful slog. There was more scoring and a Richard Sherman injury, but really it was pure garbage time. What a disappointment – for everyone. If only Kansas City had made that field goal at the end of the regular season. Things could have been so different.

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