076 – Wearing Jeans to Work

we are a very good-looking staff

we are a very good-looking staff

God, is there anything better than a casual workplace? Now don’t get me wrong – there is a level of decorum that should be upheld at any institution, but getting the chance to cut loose (and maybe let your freak flag fly) every once in a while is important. It boosts morale, which can be a big problem in certain industries. What better way is there to declare your independence than to wear denim?

I work in professional education (as opposed to amateur education) and there are certain expectations when it comes to attire. I have navy blue polos with our ogranization’s logo (the old logo, not at all adhering to new branding); enough to wear one every day of the week. And I have a couple pairs of khaki pants. That is as much variation as I tend to have available: which khakis and which particular shirt that looks like all the other ones.

I will at admit that at times this is nice; it is counter-intuitively freeing to be able to wake up and just put on a shirt without having to think twice. But between you and me, it is a tall order for me to look cool in that uniform. Every once in a while I sleep on doing my laundry and run out of polos. On these days I take the initiative to choose from one of my plaid button downs. These days are few and far between, but they add a bit of pep to the proceedings.

And then there are days like today. Days where, in honor of St. Patrick’s banishing of the snakes from Ireland, we are allowed to wear good old American blue jeans to school. I dare you to be angry in jeans. It can’t be done! Everyone is just happy to be comfortable – not just in how they feel, but also in how they look. I will acknowledge that there is something to be said for the equality of aesthetic that comes from a uniform, but a regular opportunity to express oneself through clothing is good for the mind, the body, and the soul.

And so I put it to you, dear readers, lobby your management for casual week, or casual Fridays, or hell, even a straight up casual workplace. The idea of being able to leave work and go anywhere because you don’t look like an idiot in a school uniform lends a huge boost of confidence. To staff, as well as students. To anyone really. As I gear up for a run at office in 2016, I want you all to remember who is advocating for your comfort. Now let me hear that chant: “CAZH-U-AL! CAZH-U-AL!”

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