094 – Challenging Yourself

deal with it

deal with it

Cards on the table: it is 2:59 am, and I have been awake since 5:50. I’m tired as hell. This is a nothing of a review, and I am fine with that. I hope you all can come to terms with this. Fact of the matter is, I didn’t do much in the way of new experiences today. My plan to see Under the Skin (at midnight) was pleasantly derailed by a chance to socialize with people that I like. You know what I have done lately? I have given myself new hurdles to… hurdle. I don’t know, I’m exhausted.

I’ve got a full plate these days, between work and the musical (which just launched an indiegogo campaign you should totally check out). Work is work, though I have taken it upon myself to be more active and hands-on in the students’ instruction. I had a lot of one-on-one time with kids today, and it actually felt rewarding for once.

I’m no fool; I know I’m not making a huge difference, but I’m trying. Plus, I’ll probably get really frustrated around Wednesday next week, and immediately revert to a more apathetic approach. But for now I am adequately motivated to do the best work possible. My new style paid off almost immediately when I received a perfect evaluation from my boss. I guess that’s proof that The Secret really works. Thanks Rhonda!

I’ve been taking on all comers in my extracurricular activities as well. I am not a gifted dancer, so anytime I take on a musical, I set myself up for difficulty. At rehearsal tonight we had our first choreography session. The last musical I was in (Urinetown, woot!) featured some overly complicated dance moves that never quite caught on with me. Our choreographer for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is taking a different approach, trying to gauge what the cast is capable of before plotting out anything too crazy. A novel idea to be sure, but I can’t quite escape from the particular ideas he has for my number. No matter, I will do my best to learn the dances, and when the audiences laughs at my incompetence I will choose to believe they are laughing with me. Because it really is funny.

It is a rare occasion where one argues for complacency, but I will create that strawman nonetheless. Why would you encourage stagnation, imaginary person? Struggle is the way that we evolve (emotionally moreso than physically at this point in human history). Without facing adversity where would we be? If I ever hear you suggest that we avoid constructive conflict from any source again, we will cease to interact. And sure, it will be tough to replace you, person, in my friend group. But I like a challenge.

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