142 – Original Sin (2014) #2


Here we go: my first real attempt at blogging about a comic event in real time. Sure I blogged about the zero issue. And I blogged about the first issue. But blogging about a second issue? That shows dedication. I’m committed now. If I don’t finish this thing out it would be more embarrassing than anything else. So with that in mind: Original Sin #2.

The issue opens with the unlikely team of Black Panther, Emma Frost, and Scott-Lang-flavored Ant-Man following the lead a shadowy figure set them on last issue. It has brought them to the underground home of some Moloids – a home full of giant monster corpses, each with a mysterious wound similar to the one that killed our old friend Uatu the Watcher.

Then we jump to the issue’s meat. The heroes that people actually care about (Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, et al.) are chasing a Mindless One (a hulking, unthinking beast) through a Manhattan office building. Upon subduing the Mindless One they discover that it is not so mindless, perhaps as a result of being present during Uatu’s murder.

In other realms we find Doctor Strange and The Punisher, a team-up that I never knew I needed. They have been given a mission by the same shadowy figure from two paragraphs ago, and they find a similarly giant monster corpse with a similarly mysterious bullet wound. Hmm. Curious.

And all of a sudden we find ourselves at the book’s climax. As our shadowy villains (presumably unrelated to the aforementioned shadowy figure) talk cryptically about a bunch of mind-full Mindless Ones and the disembodied Uatu eye they are carrying around with them, all of the heroes of the Marvel Universe prepare their assault on this pair. Conflict ensues – it’s a comic after all – but that all screeches to a halt when the male shadowy villain and yet another shadowy person (who looks a lot like the Fantastic Four’s The Thing, but can’t be because The Thing is over there, and this guy is over here…) declare the eyeball a bomb. A bomb of truth.

An interesting issue to be sure, but I think the main problem in writer Jason Aaron’s script is that there is too much going on. He seemingly wishes to involve every Marvel character that he likes, and I think he is being a little too ambitious with his multiple investigative factions. Hell, one of the groups he established in issue one doesn’t appear at all in this issue. I’m sure it is all going somewhere, but right now there are a few too many threads to keep straight.

And too many mysteries. Obviously there is the main conceit behind the question “who killed The Watcher?” That’s fine, that’s standard. That’s the whole reason the book exists, but there’s also the matter of the four shadowy people. The identities of two of these figures are revealed in this issue, but my reaction is more of an “o…kay?” Makes me wonder what the point of shadow-ing these characters was in the first place. Too many shadows. Get these guys some better light sources!

And now there is the additional mystery of what this exploding eye/secret-bomb will do. Part of the mini-series’s purpose seems to be to expose new history about a bunch of characters. But if that is the case, why are we a quarter of the way into the series without any of that having been done? Let’s expose some damn secrets already. I want to know what the hell is up with all these original sins.

I’m only a little frustrated so far. I’ve read much more infuriating comics over the years of my addiction. Mike Deodato’s art isn’t helping too much. It looks nice enough, but it is so lifeless. Maybe I’ll acquire a taste for it over the next few months.

Aaron and Marvel have earned a little loyalty from me, so I will most likely see this thing through. Something has to actually happen in issue three. A damn secret bomb went off; that’s gotta yield some kind of result.

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