144 – Closing the Bee

the bee

When Fraggled Productions’ run of Urinetown closed in October 2012, I was incredibly excited to see what would happen next. Now – a year and a half later – the musical follow-up, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, just had its final show. It has been a long process (or at least it has felt like it), but it has been an extremely fun one.

Spelling Bee is an amazing show. I can’t speak to our production’s quality – I’m a little biased – but I can say that I loved every minute of doing this show. I got along so well with everyone involved, and even if that isn’t strictly true, in the post-close haze I can pretend that it is. There is apparently a theatre tradition of writing notes for those you have served with, and while that isn’t my style, an easy excuse for a blog post certainly is. So consider the following a thank you en masse.

Gratitude goes out to all of my friends who came out to see the show, including a surprising number of my co-workers – those of you who didn’t come are dead to me. Special shout-out to Ashley and Matt, who came twice. And major thanks to my parents, who flew across the frickin’ country to see me in an amateur production (though not amateurish).

But how about that cast? Thanks to a Rona who channeled her burgeoning motherly instinct into a great performance. Thanks to a Logainne who was always game to exchange incredulous looks. Thanks to a Chip who often bore the brunt of my negativity, both on- and off-stage. Thanks to a Leaf who was more than willing to share in whatever weird shit I was up to backstage. Thanks to an Olive who actually convinced me at times that my character – as portrayed by me – was lovable. Thanks to a Marcy who so embodied the the mechanical nature of the character that even her pranks were methodical. Thanks to a Panch who will always be the comedy partner I need, even if he’s better than I deserve. And thanks to a Mitch who only caressed my weenis the one time during the entire production.

And our amazing crew? Big thanks to a director who seemingly let me do whatever I wanted, before giving me a bunch of notes the night before we opened. Thanks to a music director who always kept us on our toes. Thanks to a choreographer who recognized that my lack of skill could be covered up with physical comedy. Thanks to a stage manager who yelled at everyone equally, even though I was never responsible for transgressions – that’s commitment. Thanks to a PR girl who PR’d the hell outta this girl. And thanks to two amazing producers who did a bunch of work that I’ll never understand, but more importantly – will never try to understand.

I already miss the Bee. I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to be featured in the show and I will cherish most of these memories for the next 18 months. At that point we’ll be knee-deep in a new show. Hopefully I get a part. Hey, it’s the nature of the business.

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