162 – LA Film Fest Day One

20th la film fest

It’s finally here. The 20th annual Los Angeles Film Festival began today. The sky is black because all of the stars are at the Regal Cinema at LA Live. All the stars and… not me.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully intend to be involved in the festival, and the next eight days will be replete with reviews and discussion of movies I’ve never heard of, but am at least a little interested in watching.

However the only film screening tonight was (if you can believe it) the opening night film: Snowpiercer. Snowpiercer is the new movie from South Korean director Bong Joon-ho (The Host). I am really excited to see it, but the packages that allowed access to the opening night film were way too expensive for me. I’ll wait a few more weeks to see Snowpiercer once it’s released.

Today wasn’t completely devoid of Fest activity for me today, however. I did stop by the venue to pick up my package so… There’s that. It was pretty uneventful, though they did almost forget to give me my parking pass – which would have been a travesty!

So the real business starts tomorrow. I have a ticket to see a movie called The Well, which I think has some post-apocalyptic-ness to it, though to be completely honest I don’t really remember. Something about it struck me as interesting. I may try to rush another movie earlier in the evening. So stand by for that. It’s going to be a fun nine days (well today wasn’t very fun, but you know what I mean). Stay tuned, and see you there.

7 thoughts on “162 – LA Film Fest Day One

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