199 – Failure


Well guys – it finally happened. After 198 days of consistently hitting my deadline, I finally missed one. I apologize to those of you who were constantly refreshing this blog or Facebook, hoping to see the post for Day 199. It never came. I failed.

I mean, kind of. I’m certainly no stranger to posting a review after midnight. My thought process up to this point has been: if I haven’t gone to bed yet, it’s still that day. In that sense I’m good, because I didn’t really sleep last night, aside from insignificant dozing off.

I couldn’t sleep. I wanted to. My impending shame was a factor, that’s for sure. I kept waiting for the next moment to be the one where I fell asleep, but each moment was instead mired in “I should have written something earlier.” Not once did I consider the possibility that writing something in the present might have relaxed me enough to finally slip away to dreamland.

Anyway, a man has to draw the line, and posting the previous day’s review after 8 am just isn’t going to cut it. I will – or course – continue my endeavor, but things will never be the same. In fact, just knowing that I can skip a day may unconsciously encourage me to do just that. With comic con coming up next week that is a slippery slope to find myself on.

All is not lost. I’ll get back on track today with a review of something. Maybe of one of the new films from Michel Gondry or Zach Braff (one of those men is an interesting visual artist, and the other is not. I’ll let you decide). For now though, I shall sleep. And in my dreams I shall flagellate myself for my failure and reflect on all the failures of my past. It will be more like a nightmare, but hopefully one that I awake from fully rested. 

I am sorry to have let you down, dear reader.


Steven P. Cohen

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