205 – San Diego Comic Con International Day One


The social event of the season is finally here. I mean, “social” isn’t quite the right word. As much as geek culture has become mainstream and accepted, there is still a lot of awkwardness in San Diego come convention time. But now that my crew and I are here, Comic Con better get ready to get down.

The good thing about going to all four days of Comic Con is that you can take things slow. There’s no mad dash to get in as much as you possibly can. For instance, we took our time getting down to San Diego today. We ran into some traffic, but it wasn’t no thang, because we knew we had plenty of time.

Once we got down to our hotel and checked into our room (complete with a lone king-sized bed for our reverse-Three’s Company situation) we sat on our balcony, just taking in the surroundings. There’s a risk of sensory overload at Con, so it’s important to take things slow.

And that’s what Day One was all about. We walked past the Jesus freaks, got our passes and just meandered around the floor, making a vague game plan for what we want to address in the coming days. And our late arrival really made that easy. There was no line for badge retrieval, and that’s just fine with me.

Day One was all about getting acclimated to Con and zoning in on what this weekend is going to be all about. The rest of Con should bring more excitement, more stories, and more Spider-Man cosplayers (though we did see six or seven of those today).

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