206 – San Diego Comic Con International Day Two


After a crowded night in which three adults shared one king-sized bed (much tossing and unrequited cuddling ensued), the second day of the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International arrived. We woke up pretty early, as you’re wont to do when you’re bed is just too full. We had a hazy conception of what we would do with our morning, but we weren’t going to plan things out too strictly. That’s just not our style.

Turns out our style kind of bit us in the butt. Our plan to be on the convention floor at 9 am, didn’t exactly work out, and even though we were only 40 or so minutes behind schedule, we missed out on one of the events we were looking forward to. More on that tomorrow. Hopefully.

So with our hands tied in that regard, we made our way to the fun Assassin’s Creed-themed obstacle course outside of our hotel. Well, turns out we were a little too late for that as well, yielding a 2+ hour wait that we just weren’t prepared to handle.

So why not keep up the trend as we try to attend our first panel of the Con – Dan Harmon’s Rick and Morty session. You guessed it, way too late for that. Panels are just such a time investment, the Jack Tripper and Chrissy Snow to my Janet Wood (we’re gender-reversed) just have no interest in waiting in a line for several hours to see information we can read online within an hour. Maybe one day, when we’re all famous and we can just waltz on in to such events.

In the meantime, we’d rather spend some substantial temporal units of measurement in the game room, catching up with our old friend Robert Huss. We met Robert (though we call him “Bobby” behind his back), at Con last year. He’s a game designer, and his systems – though complex – are really fun to play. Our Chrissy even bought a copy of his game, Alien Labyrinth, last year. We became tight with Bobby, and were really looking forward to catching up. And catch up we did, playing a demo of Bobby’s latest work-in-progress, Goblins at the Gates, with the creator himself. There’s a lot of explanation up top, but once the game gets going, it’s quite fun. Information about Bobby’s games can be found here; you can even buy a copy of Alien Labyrinth (which you should do, because it’s fun to play anywhere – even in a bad where karaoke is happening). 

Maybe we’re not having the Comic Con experience we expected, but it doesn’t matter, because we are having a great time. And the weekend ain’t over yet. Who knows what the future holds for Jack, Chrissy, and myself. I certainly don’t. None of us do, because planning is for dorks. And while we may be nerds, we are certainly not dorks. Do dorks hang out in the hot tub? I thought not.

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