207 – San Diego Comic Con International Day Three


Day three of Comic Con began the same way as the previous two: with us showing up too late to run the Assassin’s Creed obstacle course in a timely fashion. We even planned to wake up at a certain point and get that thing out of the way first thing in the morning. Instead, it continues to mock us from the ground below our balcony. It may not be in the cards.

An inauspicious way to start the day, but Jack, Chrissy and I (in case you forgot, our living situation at Con is akin to a gender swapped Three’s Company) would not go quietly into that good night. Day Three would be a lot of the same – games, waking the floor, but by God, we would make it memorable.

And the way we did that was by going to Dick’s Last Resort. For those who don’t know (and that’s no one because Dick’s is universal), Dick’s is a theme restaurant wherein the staff are sarcastic, well- dicks to the customers. It’s really the kind of job I would be perfect for, but not necessarily the kind of restaurant to which I want to go. We almost ate a meal there last year, but the fates intervened. Not so today, as we finally achieved our destiny and sat down for a meal.

The experience was not awful, mostly because our waiter recognized that we weren’t really into the whole homophobia thing that seemed to be well-loved by everyone else in the restaurant. He adjusted accordingly, and just gave us an entertaining amount of attitude and sass. It was fun without being too much. The food on the other hand was just okay. It will probably be our last trip to Dick’s Last Resort.

As far as the Con itself? Well, we played a little Dungeons & Dragons-lite at a Pathfinder demo, and then headed to the floor. I was a dutiful son and got the one thing my mom asked for – the above-pictured lame Margaret Atwood bookmark. I’m really not sure why she wanted it, but I have it now. 

We wrapped up our officially-sanctioned Con activities with a visit to the Legendary booth. Legendary hit it big last year with a very cool event called “The Godzilla Experience,” which exposed us to the new King of the Monsters for the first time. This year Legendary brought their A game again with a cool, Oculus Rift-powered Pacific Rim virtual reality experience. I wasn’t too enchanted by Pacific Rim itself (the plot and characters are paper-thin), but it looked cool. The VR presentation is similarly neat. While you can’t actually control what happens, there is a fully-immersive 360 degree environment at which to look.

Technology like that being made by Oculus may one day prevent people from ever actually interacting again, but Comic Con manages to find ways to do just the opposite. After our reunion with Bobby the game designer last night, today I will reunite with an old college roommate that I apparently only see at Comic Con now. That’s the beauty of SDCCI: it brings people together. Despite its reputation as a Mecca for anti-social habits and behaviors, Comic Con will always be, first and foremost, a place where people meet.

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