216 – Who Stole Me?

who stole me

I use the Sleep Cycle iPhone application on a mostly daily basis. It is a pretty good tool for sleep pattern analysis, though its main purpose seems to be attempting to wake you up at the best possible moment in your sleep cycle. The app is not nearly as effective when it comes to this endeavor, but it does provide a lot of data regarding my sleep. I mean look at this graph!


That’s my steadily declining sleep quality over the last year (my fatigue starts to make sense now). But I’m not here to talk about Sleep Cycle. I’m here to talk about a game a recommended to me when I woke up this morning.

When Sleep Cycle finally woke me up (the way a normal alarm clock would have) it suggested I download a game called Who Stole Me? I like games, and I was still half-asleep, and it was free, so I thought “why not?”

Cut to nine hours later (I couldn’t play at all at work today. We were a “screen-free” training. Don’t ask). I sit down for some post-work business and spend a good thirty minutes playing Who Stole Me? The game is very similar to Candy Crush – for those of you who love addictive tapping games. It is a little less involved, requiring only that you swipe across groups of three or more colored balls to free the monsters trapped inside. Each level has a different goal (free a certain number of monsters, break all the ice, etc.). It is almost an exact duplicate of the more popular game.

So it’s not original, but it’s still addictive and fun. It’s a good way to kill time, but that’s not necessarily something we as human beings should be trying to do. But I’m the type of guy who once spent actual money on Candy Crush so he could keep playing. So this is right up my alley.

If you’re looking for a good time suck to occupy your time while you wait for more Candy Crush lives, you could do worse than Who Stole Me? If you’re looking for something new and innovative, well… I don’t know, buy a PlayStation or something.

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