218 – Callback Preparation

looks like he's had a long day

looks like he’s had a long day

Remember that audition I went on last week? The one right after comic con? When I was sick? Well, turns out the casting director was not lying when he told me he would bring me back for a callback. But when he said “in August,” I didn’t think that meant “next week.”

I’m very self-aware, so it is not lost on me that my writing about this may sound like bragging. Just like it was not lost on me when I casually tossed the information off during my improv class yesterday. The fact of the matter is that I’m insufferable at times. I want people to know what’s going on in my life and admire me for it. I desperately seek attention, because I’m broken. And that’s why I do comedy. In fact this entire paragraph has been self-serving in that very same way. “Feel bad for me because I have first-world problems.” Ugh.

Anyway, what were we taking about? Oh yeah, the callback. So if you recall, the casting director told me to come back after I find the character. And that didn’t really mean much to me at the time. Luckily the man who continues to be my guru in these matters – Ryan Foy – connected me with a friend of his who has a knack for this very endeavor. A “coach” for those of you who are more athletically inclined.

I met with Coach Mark this afternoon, in preparation for tomorrow’s callback. The casting director will be taping my audition for the producers, all of which is new to me. I wasn’t really sure what Coach and I would get done, but luckily he has done this sort of thing before.

The song I have been asked to familiarize myself with is the same one from last time. By now I know almost all of the words, but I wasn’t really bringing any of my own verve to it. But with Coach’s help (by the way, every time I write “Coach” I’m saying it out loud like the kids from Friday Night Lights – that’s the kind of fun I have) we were able to pick out a few ways to make the song distinct, and we even found a perspective for my performance.

No amount of practice will negate the nerves, however. I suppose that comes with the territory. Besides, just being nervous is better than being nervous, sick, and unprepared. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. For all I know this is only step two in a 39-step audition process. Still, it’s exciting for me. This is my first attempt at actually pursuing my goal, and I can really do is my best. Boy, three weeks ago I had no idea my life was slowly turning into A Chorus Line.

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