226 – Sleeping Through a Movie

sleeping movie

Guess what? What you are seeing in front of you is today’s entire review. Why? Because I’m tired as hell. After a full day of work, a podcast record, and a late movie, I just don’t have enough energy to type out 500-800 words about some bullshit. I’m just being straight up with you guys. What’s worse, I was so tired that I was drifting in and out of sleep during the film (The Dog, about the real-life inspiration for Al Pacino’s character in Dog Day Afternoon). I don’t feel so bad when I do that through a movie like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, but I was really interested in the subject matter here. I’m ashamed of myself (and also a little disappointed in Cinefamily for starting the movie significantly ahead of schedule). So what’s my review of “sleeping through movies?” I’m gonna go ahead and give it a thumbs down, to borrow from more gifted critics. Turns out being half asleep is not the best way to see a film. Nor is it the best way to write a review. And now I bid you a good night.

One thought on “226 – Sleeping Through a Movie

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