240 – Starting a Podcast


So you successfully formed an improv team? That’s great. You’ve started performing together as a group? Excellent. The next step for any aspiring presence in the comedy community is, of course, to start a podcast. Everybody has one. From Jimmy Pardo to Joe Rogan to most of the people you meet in a UCB class. It’s just one of the many ways to forward your brand. So get on it everyone. I am.

In the early days of comedy podcasting most of the shows were just three guys talking into microphones. The whole thing was a novelty back then, and minds like those behind Never Not Funny still do it well. That market is saturated, however (in fact, the entire podcast sphere is saturated, but we’ll do our best to ignore that fact for now). So if you’re going to start a podcast now, you need a shtick. A bit. Something to set you apart.

I’ve done the whole podcast thing before. About 18 months ago I co-created a show called How to Be a Grown-Up with three of my friends (two of whom are now moving away – I promise, we’ll get to that). The premise of the show was that a married couple in their late-twenties/early-thirties taught two younger, single men how to act like adults. Topics ranged from finances to anger management, but those were always just jumping off points that led to fun conversation. That’s the point, your podcast concept needs to allow for your personality to come through.

Eventually, How to Be a Grown-Up had to end. We stopped paying for hosting, and the episodes are now only available on my Dropbox account, but they exist. In the intervening months I have tried unsicceasfully to get a new show off the ground, but coming up with a concept is tough.

And then, one day it came to me. The perfect name. Two guys. A girl. And a pizza-cast. You know, like the hit ABC sitcom starring Ryan Reynolds – Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. A great podcast name is half the battle, so at this point it just because a matter of figuring out what the show would be.

Luckily I was already involved in an improv team with that exact ratio of men to women. Job done. And pizza? Hell, I can talk about pizza on a podcast. If this blog has taught me anything it is that I have the uncanny ability to form strong opinions about even the smallest thing.

The best part about Two Guys, a Girl and a PizzaCast, though? It’s not about improv. There are so many podcasts floating around the community where people perform or talk about improv, and it can be a great resource. Unfortunately, it can also be repetitive and – at times – not good. I am so relieved to be making a product that just features some friends talking about ‘za (that’s pizza) and participating in casual banter.

Two Guys, a Girl and a PizzaCast (the absence of an Oxford comma is driving me crazy) hasn’t dropped just yet, but you can look out for the first episode this weekend. We’re still getting our sea-legs, but I like each new episode more and more. And that’s the most important thing: like what you’re producing. Who cares if ten people listen to your show (that might be pushing it); if they enjoy it, that’s all that matters.

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