241 – Reconnecting

blue contact

“We’ll be friends forever.” While that may not be a sentiment anyone have ever actually said outside of a movie, it is certainly the way that many young people approach their relationships as elements such as college and work begin to put wedges between them. As you get older you realize what a silly notion it was in the first place; people grow apart, and you have to accept it as part of your personal maturation. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go back again.

As roommates move out and dear friends move away (we’re very close to my direct address of this subject), I find my immediate group of people I care about getting smaller. And I’m not a guy whose friend group was that large to begin with. It’s a little concerning, but also appropriate. I doubt Einstein had many close friends.

But recently I was faced with the opportunity to reconnect with someone who exited my life a few years ago. There was no falling out – it just happened. Usually when I lose touch with someone, they’re gone forever. I may even pretend not to recognize the concerned party if I see him or her on the street, but this time I figured, why not give it a shot?

So this old friend and I met up at a bar after 3+ years of almost complete radio silence. It was awkward for a drink, as we started to feel each other out – how have we changed, how are we different, in what ways have we been stunted emotionally? Eventually an ease and camaraderie did return to our interaction, and we even grabbed some sushi together. Not great, but the company was enjoyable.

So yeah, it turns out that the door is never really closed on a friendship. Unless you slammed it in the other person’s face or something. Then you’re kind of outta luck. So for anyone reading this who feels our relationship has become distant and strained – take a chance. Let’s meet for cheap beer and alright sushi. We’ll make a party out of it.

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