257 – 48 Hour Stage Show: Performance


After about 43 hours, we entered the homestretch of the 48 Hour Stage Show this afternoon. Today’s procedure would consist of a tech rehearsal and the performance itself, though “procedure” is not an entirely applicable word for the day’s experience.

I won’t write too much tonight because I’m exhausted. Hours of prep and a show on little sleep (I was too excited – JK) will do that to you. The morning started off with good news once Kun’s piece was removed from the tech schedule – meaning it would not be put up in the show itself. Sure it makes those two and a half hours yesterday feel like a waste, but it’s also a weight off my shoulders. The script we got was not great, and it included a part for an actor who didn’t even show up for rehearsal. It is exactly what I would expect from a man I’ve secretly been calling the Asian Tommy Wiseau.

Kun’s play ended being about an exclusive serial killer club (just one of the exercises we did yesterday). Kenny’s play featured myself and another young man as a couple of ne’er-do-well valet attendants. The piece that we created with Justin concerned a young girl being interrogated by two detectives for a mysterious crime.

Right away when we got on stage, I could tell there was very little momentum for either short. “Fess” (Jason’s) just isn’t funny enough (especially to start the show), and “Parkers” (Kenny’s) had a weird rhythm (or maybe anti-rhythm) that it’s hard to connect with.

But I’m pretty committed at this point. I’m not just going to walk away during the closest thing we have to a dress rehearsal. The same can’t be said for everyone else. One of the actors in Jason’s other scene took off suddenly, citing a family emergency. Because there weren’t too many “young white dudes” in our particular talent pool, I got tapped as his replacement. That’s fine. I like to be involved. So I spend the next 30 minutes to an hour, learning lines for a one-act that I didn’t even know existed prior. And then, just as we approach our rehearsal slot for “Payphone,” another actor in that particular sketch just walks off, calling the whole production “amateurish.” So we scuttled it.

Obviously that guy is a huge diva and quite a prick, but he has a point. Aside from the fact that the show is literally an amateur production, there was a disturbing lack of organization to every aspect of it, even when the show started.

Curtain went up a little after 5 pm, and everything went about as well as I expected – which was “not very.” I can’t speak for the scenes that I didn’t participate in, but the two that I starred in were brutal. Very few laughs in “Fess,” outside of a couple flourishes I added to the script in rehearsal, hoping up find some funny somewhere. “Parkers” went a little better, but still. I got more laughs the first and only time I did standup (in a cafe with three other people inside).

And all of a sudden (thankfully) it was a over. The 48 Hour Stage Show took a lot of time and energy out of me. If a random person asked me if it was worth it, I honestly don’t know what I would say. I made a couple connections and had a new experience. And that’s what 2014 is supposed to be about. Plus, I got three blog entries out if it, so… score.

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