345 – Packing


Tomorrow I am leaving on a jetplane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again. Oh wait, yes I do. I’ll be back on Tuesday night. It is almost midnight and I haven’t started packing, so it looks like I have found yet another excuse for phoning in a review. You can’t blame me, I gotta get this done.

So I’m going to use this space to make a list for myself:

4 pairs of underwear (essential)
4 pairs of socks (also essential)
My jeans (which have enormous holes in the crotch… ladies)
A bathing suit (I’m traveling to sunny Florida…)
A sweatshirt (…but that doesn’t change the fact that it is December)
Some shirts – both tee and button-down (I like to mix it up)
Pajamas/a pair of gym shorts (I’ll make a judgment call on this one when the time comes – leaning toward shorts – WILL KEEP YOU POSTED)

Now, the fun stuff:

Travel toothbrush kit (thank god for plastics, huh?)
Bandages (I’ve got a mole removal situation)

Now the really fun stuff:

Phone charger (because god forbid)
A computer I borrowed from work (mine just isn’t up for long journeys anymore)
The charger that goes with that computer (because this is a very thorough list)
Some DVDs I got out of the library (in case I’m very bored), including:
Offside (an Iranian film)
Play Misty for Me (featuring a young Jessica “Lucille Bluth” Walter)
The Fountain (because I enjoy frustration)
Donnie Brasco (I don’t know why)

Back to the regularly scheduled list:

A pair of running shoes (just in case, you know?)
Some items that I cannot name for holiday purposes (Hanukkah is coming up fast)
My notepads (for review-writing purposes)
Pens (again, a thorough list)
My iPad (for when the computer battery dies on the plane and I can’t stand the feeling of being disconnected)
Uh… a book? (In case I want to give that disconnection a shot – but who are we kidding?)

I think that’s it. Seems like a long list. Perhaps overkill. But this is no ordinary trip. This is a family vacation. To Orlando, Florida no less. The last time we went to this location as a unit, my father stormed out of a Hard Rock Cafe. I remember scoffing at his frustration – which I surely had no hand in causing – while watching the merry men of Queen perform “Bohemian Rhapsody” on a television. The point is, anything can happen in Orlando, and not just at Harry Potter World. Wish me luck everyone, and I will see you all again soon. I shall now leave you with my standard sign-off: “kisses.”

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