004 – Jerry’s Famous Deli in Studio City, CA


I forgot to take a picture so I’m just using one I found – sue me! (please don’t sue me)

“Yeah, I’m Jewish.” Not only was that my senior yearbook quote (no joke – look it up), it’s also true. Now I don’t go in for every religious aspect¬†that that label entails, but as a cultural and ethnic identifier I buy into it wholesale. It’s part of who I am as a person. And I don’t want to encourage any of you goyim out there to start believing all of the stereotypes, but one piece of my identity is a passion for a nice, Jewish deli. Most of your big names in Los Angeles – Canter’s, Langer’s, Nate ‘n Al’s – been there, done that. ¬†And I’m pretty sure I’ve been to a Jerry’s or two before, but never the flagship Studio City location. It’s time for that to change.

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136 – Joe’s Pizza

joe's pizza

“There’s no good pizza in LA.” That is a statement that is mostly true. Although, it might be more appropriate to say “there’s no great pizza in LA.” There’s plenty of fine pizza joints, but nothing that launches me over the moon. Now I’m sure I’m going to get hundreds of comments (what else is new?) about this or that particular place where the pizza is “really good.” Shove it up your bum, I say. Becoming familiar with a certain type of pizza is not the same as liking it. And that’s all it is really. We transplants have become complacent in our pizza judgments. Hell, I’ve come to possess the opinion that Domino’s is kind of good. And I hate myself for that. One local joint that I don’t hate myself for enjoying is Joe’s Pizza.

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037 – Haru Sushi Cafe

all the pictures i take are great, but i'm especially proud of this one

all the pictures i take are great, but i’m especially proud of this one

My irresponsible and offensive roommate’s reign of terror will soon be over; at the end of the week he will depart for northern parts unknown. Before roommate number two (soon to be roommate number one) and I are free of this dictator he is taking us on a food tour of the city. Tonight we followed Monday’s Father’s Office trip with a visit to Haru Sushi Cafe.

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034 – Father’s Office

father's office

The Great Burger Hunt (an endeavor I have just created) has taken me all sorts of places. Those places were mostly fast food restaurants, but most recently I spent some time at The Golden State, where I had a really solid burger. Well if you thought the search was over you were sorely mistaken, because I took this show on the road. All the way to Culver City. Welcome to Father’s Office.

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