177 – Purple Rain (1984) as Quality Cinema

purple rain

Here it is, my Lovefest entry from The Dissolve’s comment section, presented in its entirety. Didn’t turn out exactly as I imagine, but I finished it, and I feel pretty good about that:

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056 – The Dissolve

the dissolve

The advancements of the internet over the last 20 years have allowed for a lot of things: easier consumerism (maybe too easy), the proliferation of independent media (music, web series, etc), lots and lots of porn. But the greatest boon of the digital age has been the connections that have been forged over the World Wide Web. We’re not just talking about online dating (or the more anonymous sex options), though that has certainly been a phenomenon worthy of review; we’re looking more at the smaller “geek” communities that have been able to find one another like never before. One of the groups that did not necessarily need the internet to bond was film nerds. Nevertheless, they have benefited greatly from the successes of the internet, specially in the form of The Dissolve – a website for film nerds, by film nerds.

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013 – #SVENNESS 2.14

sven nys

Here’s the link for this thing if you want to watch it after you read this: http://vimeo.com/album/2200561/video/83930653

I didn’t really know what #SVENNESS was as I entered the experience, and I still don’t know what it is now. one of my coworkers is inexplicably fascinated with this series of videos (and cycling in general). So, despite his intolerance for nuanced film discussion, I decided to take the higher road and assess the amount of green pigment in the plants growing on his lawn.

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