061 – 86th Academy Awards

86th academy awards

And so ends awards season. It was a long one (isn’t it always?), and it was populated by movies and performances that all seemed especially deserving. The biggest surprise, though? The fact that the 86th Academy Awards was actually an earnest and entertaining dedication to the year in film.

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018 – 20th Screen Actors Guild Awards

sag awards

Here we are, almost one week later, and it’s time for another award show. This time it is the SAG Awards. That stands for Screen Actors Guild, if you’re not in the know, which means that this ceremony will probably manage to be even more self-congratulatory than the others. Because no one likes praising actors more than actors themselves.

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012 – 71st Golden Globe Awards

golden globes

Ahh the Golden Globes. All the glitz and glamor of the Oscars, but without any of the real meaning (though I certainly don’t mean to attribute much meaning to the Academy Awards either). This is really the opportunity for the Hollywood Foreign Press to give awards to their friends, which is why it’s so surprising that they actually nailed a few categories this year. Don’t worry though, they mostly got everything wrong.

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