265 – Gotham, “Pilot”

gotham pilot

Despite not reviewing one in a few months, I love comics. That’s no secret. So ultimately I hope for the success of any comics-related media. I easily lose myself in that enthusiasm at times, especially where Marvel movies are concerned. It is difficult for me to take an objective view when it comes to properties I have loved for so long. DC Comics and Warner Bros. have made that a little easier, what with the release of terrible movies like Man of Steel and announcement upon announcement that slowly drains all excitement from my soul for their upcoming slate of comic book movies. But DC has always been more tenacious when it comes to the TV realm. Batman: The Animated Series is a legitimately great show, and I’ll admit I probably watched Smallville a few years longer than I ought to have. The 2014-2015 television season sees the debuts of several new series based on DC properties, the first of which is Gotham – a show following Jim Gordon (the man who would be commissioner) and Bruce Wayne (the boy who would be Batman) in the early days following Wayne’s parents’ double murder. Time to expect the worst and hope for the best.

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100 – Batman Eternal (2014) #1

batman eternal 2014 1

Weekly comic book series used to work like gangbusters for DC. 52 – a 52 issue series chronicling a lost year in the lives of the company’s characters – came out at the peak of DC’s last creative renaissance during the mid-2000s. 52 was bold and daring, but most importantly it was entertaining. The editors in charge tried to recapture that magic the following two years with different characters and creators in Countdown and Trinity, but the spark was missing. Eventually DC shuttered their unofficial weekly comics division. Until now. This week saw the release of Batman Eternal #1, the company’s first weekly series since its experimental Wednesday Comics wrapped in late 2009.

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098 – Detective Comics (2011) #30

detective comics 2011 30

It is rare these days for me to read a DC comic book. During my high school years I got really into DC – almost exclusively. This was the beginning of the Geoff Johns era, when Johns was creatively fresh, but was not yet free to do whatever the hell he wanted with the entire universe. This was the time of the Crisis resurgence, when history was such an important pat of the line. DC was always built on its legacy, which stretches back to the ’30s, save a reboot or two. The editors at the top of the pyramid really turned me off a few years ago when they re-started their universe yet again, in an effort to court a teen audience that may not really exist. I have been back and forth with a couple titles since, but the arrival of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato on Detective Comics is enough to get me to check the title out.

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