263 – A Day of Average Movies (feat. The Maze Runner, A Walk Among the Tombstones, and This Is Where I Leave You)

this is what the old man that lives in my brain looks like

this is what the old man who lives in my brain looks like

Every once in a while you get a weekend that sees a whole lot of new releases that are more than a little intriguing. As the year winds down, and more and more Academy Awards hopefuls begin to see the light of day, these crowded weekends become more common. This weekend doesn’t see the release of many prestige pictures, but it does premiere several films that I find interesting. I saw Tusk last night, but – in order to fit in everything – today I watched movies about a kid who is really good at mazes, an Irish cop pretending to be American, and a Jewish family who just can’t get their shit together. It’s been quite a day.

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