098 – Detective Comics (2011) #30

detective comics 2011 30

It is rare these days for me to read a DC comic book. During my high school years I got really into DC – almost exclusively. This was the beginning of the Geoff Johns era, when Johns was creatively fresh, but was not yet free to do whatever the hell he wanted with the entire universe. This was the time of the Crisis resurgence, when history was such an important pat of the line. DC was always built on its legacy, which stretches back to the ’30s, save a reboot or two. The editors at the top of the pyramid really turned me off a few years ago when they re-started their universe yet again, in an effort to court a teen audience that may not really exist. I have been back and forth with a couple titles since, but the arrival of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato on Detective Comics is enough to get me to check the title out.

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