308 – Marry Me, “Pilot”


I love starting reviews with “I love (blank).” It’s an interesting trend because if you ask anyone who knows me, I really don’t love much. That’s not totally true, it’s just that I feel the need to vocalize negatives over positives. Anyway, that’s something I’ll have to work through with my analyst. It’s all a lead-up to the following, anyway: I loved Happy Endings. No qualifiers on that one; Happy Endings is (was, RIP) one of the best shows of the current decade. It was quick and smart and a pretty good encapsulation of my sense of humor as a slightly aimless, city-dwelling twenty-something. Other shows like How I Met Your Mother and New Girl are effective sitcoms, but Happy Endings hit like nothing else. So needless to say I was very bummed when the series was cancelled last year – a feeling that was slightly mitigated by the fact that three seasons was much more than the show’s ratings might have earned it. Good news for Endings-heads, however, as creator/executive producer David Caspe is back with a new series. And he has brought along Happy Endings-lead/his-real-life-wife Casey Wilson to star alongside Ken Marino in Marry Me.

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276 – Gone Girl (2014)

gone girl

When Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl (the novel) was published it 2012, it was an instant sensation; the kind of the literature that is complexly plotted, but written simply enough to appeal to the widest possible audience (wow that sentence sounds kind of elitist, huh? Oh well. If the monocle fits…). It was practically optioned to be a film before it was even released. Modern auteur David Fincher loves a good crime story (Se7en, Zodiac) and a good adaptation (Fight Club, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), so a book about a missing woman and the husband who may have done something terrible seems like the perfect match for the director.

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