265 – Gotham, “Pilot”

gotham pilot

Despite not reviewing one in a few months, I love comics. That’s no secret. So ultimately I hope for the success of any comics-related media. I easily lose myself in that enthusiasm at times, especially where Marvel movies are concerned. It is difficult for me to take an objective view when it comes to properties I have loved for so long. DC Comics and Warner Bros. have made that a little easier, what with the release of terrible movies like Man of Steel and announcement upon announcement that slowly drains all excitement from my soul for their upcoming slate of comic book movies. But DC has always been more tenacious when it comes to the TV realm. Batman: The Animated Series is a legitimately great show, and I’ll admit I probably watched Smallville a few years longer than I ought to have. The 2014-2015 television season sees the debuts of several new series based on DC properties, the first of which is Gotham – a show following Jim Gordon (the man who would be commissioner) and Bruce Wayne (the boy who would be Batman) in the early days following Wayne’s parents’ double murder. Time to expect the worst and hope for the best.

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