275 – Bro Movie Nights


These days I see most movies either by myself or with a particular young person who is also a cinephile. Sometimes though you need to set aside a little time to catch a flick with your bros. And I can’t think of a better movie for such an endeavor than the new Denzel Washington/Antoine Fuqua collabo – The Equalizer.

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271 – Not-So-Lazy Sundays


excellent photoshop courtesy of Megan Baker

Sundays are the worst. The entire day is mired in the inevitability of Monday, and the return to work or school that it heralds. Unfortunately for me, Sundays mean that I have to go back to work AND school. Because they’re the same thing, you see. So I think I can be excused for trying to take it easy on that last day of freedom. I was expecting today to be as lazy a Sunday as I’ve ever had – so lazy in fact, that I would almost write the same review twice. But life has a way of surprising you.

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