192 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

dawn of the planet of the apes

The success of 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes was something of a surprise. It was a prequel to an antiquated franchise that had spectacularly failed to be rebooted ten years earlier. Against all odds, the movie went on earn critical praise. And a lot of money. Rise has a solid emotional arc built on a great physical performance from Andy Serkis as Caesar, the first of the thinking apes that are destined to rule. In the wake of such a well-received film, a sequel was a forgone conclusion. Now, three years later, the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has arrived.

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047 – RoboCop (2014)

robocop 2014

And here we are at the end of another long journey. After going through the original RoboCop series of films, we find ourselves coming full circle with this year’s remake of the first movie. Did anything work – because certainly plenty of stuff did not. Read on to find out.

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