189 – improv4humans


There are few things that I enjoy as much as improv and podcasts. Until recently my schedule has not allowed for much of either. Luckily all that is changing. I just started a new improv class, and two weeks in I am prepared to say it is the best one I’ve ever had. I also have a couple of improv teams that are starting to achieve liftoff. So everything is coming up Steve-zee. It’s also summer, which means there is very little activity going down at the undisclosed high school where I make money. I still have to come in, of course, because support staff doesn’t deserve a vacation. I’ll try not to sound bitter though, as a couple of months of monotonous busy work is allowing me to catch up on podcasts, particularly Matt Besser’s improv4humans.

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188 – Playing House, Season One

playing house season one

I reviewed the pilot of Playing House a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it, but felt that there was plenty of room for improvement – this practically comes standard in the first episode of a sitcom. I didn’t revisit Playing House again until earlier today, at which point I proceeded to watch the rest of the first season in its entirety. TV’s a hell of a drug, man. This really isn’t too impressive a feat (the term “impressive” being entirely subjective in this situation). The first season of Playing House is only 10 half-hour episodes, so I only had to squeeze in nine 22 minuters – a little over three hours. I’ve binged a lot worse than that.

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