044 – Film Junk Podcast

film junk

I’ve been on that podcast tip since like 2005 (way before it was cool). Back in those days podcasts were an excellent source of conversation about topics no one else in Annapolis, MD cared about. At the time that range of interests was centered mostly around comic books. So for a long time that is solely what I listened to. Shows like Comic Geek Speak, Around Comics, and iFanboy¬†filled my pre-iPod mp3 player. Over time my tastes changed, moving more toward comedy, a shift to which I attribute most of my current endeavors. Lately though I have started listening to more shows about movies, such as Filmspotting¬†and NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. My latest obsession in the the TV & Movie category is a show called Film Junk, though it is not entirely clear why.

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