181 – 2014 in Film, so far

i typed in "2014 film" and this is what came out. gotta love chanchan taytay

i typed in “2014 film” and this is what came out. gotta love chanchan taytay

With June over we are officially halfway through the year, months-wise at least. And since no one demanded it – here it is: my list of the best movies of 2014 so far.

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156 – Obvious Child (2014)

obvious child

A run on Saturday Night Live can be career-ending for a lot of people. For every Bill Murray or Will Ferrell there are a dozen Finesse Mitchells and Jerry Minors. That’s not a slam on the comedians who can’t quite hack it on the show (indeed, Jerry Minor is a very funny man); even hilarious cast members like Tim Meadows have trouble finding success once their tenure is up. So I can imagine things are even more difficult when your exit from the show is less than amicable. Jenny Slate was a featured cast member during the 2009-2010 season. Her brief stint was mired in a profanity-linked controversy, and she never found her place in the cast. I’m sure most people wrote her off after her exit, but her talent and tenacity has brought her back to the public eye in roles on Parks and Recreation and Kroll Show. And now Slate can be seen in the incredibly funny indie comedy Obvious Child from writer/director Gillian Robespierre.

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