303 – Halloween (1978)


We’re bearing the end of Oct-horror-ber (pretty good, right?) and I have gotten in a lot of horror movies. A lot. Way more than I ever really expected to. Time hasn’t run out yet, however, so why not help wind down the scariest month of all (after April) with the grand-daddy of slasher movies, John Carpenter’s Halloween.

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298 – All-Nighter on Elm Street

freddy krueger

When my primary movie-going companion and I decided to commit to two all-night movie marathons a month ago, we were not really sure what to expect. But after last weekend’s mostly-successful All-Night Horror Show, I was pretty sure I could get through the “All-Nighter on Elm Street” – consecutive screenings of the first seven entries in the saga of famed Springwood Slayer Freddy Krueger (played exclusively by Robert Englund in these films) – without too much trouble.

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291 – The All-Night Horror Show


October is for horror movies. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. And I’ve probably seen more horror movies this month than I’ve seen in the last few years. Why not? They are really quite fun once you get past your initial nerves. Especially the older ones. The increased reliance on jump scares by modern horror directors has desensitized many moviegoers to the more cerebral horror from decades ago. So it’s nice to put away all the fancy new stuff, sit down, and watch one of two. Or six.

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282 – The Dead Snow Saga


It’s October, and October is horror month, but it’s already the 9th and all I’ve seen is Annabelle. Not an auspicious start. I do have a few things in the works for the rest of the month that ought to redeem it a little. The first is tonight’s Cinefamily double feature presentation of 2009’s Norweigan Nazi-Zombie film, Dead Snow, and it’s brand new sequel, Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead.

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278 – Annabelle (2014)


Last year’s The Conjuring was a huge hit. I did not see it, because I hateĀ horror movies. But I love them too, you know? The good ones scare the crap out of me, so I have an especially tough time with them in theaters. When The Conjuring came out I chose to see Blue Jasmine instead, and I don’t regret the decision because while my companions and I were in the lobby, we watched a freaked out woman cry as she ran out of the horror film. So that did nothing to assuage my fears. The movie ended up being such a success that a spin-off starring the movie’s creepy doll, Annabelle, was greenlit. Annabelle is that movie.

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