281 – Pulp Fiction (1994) 20 Years Later


Remember October 1994? The leaves we’re falling from the trees; children prepared their costumes for trick-or-treating fun; and a 4-year-old Steven Cohen was brought along to Pulp Fiction by his incredibly progressive parents. Nope. Just kidding. My parents are pretty liberal, but that would be a huge stretch. In fact they were pretty strict when it came to the media my sister and I ingested. I wasn’t even allowed to watch The Simpsons (though I snuck one in every once in a while). I missed some touchstones, but I don’t blame them for sheltering me in that way – parenting is an evolving process for everyone (he said as if he knew first-hand). But now, almost exactly twenty years later I can correct one injustice by finally seeing Pulp Fiction on the big screen.

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274 – New Beverly Cinema


There are two types of cinephiles in Los Angeles: the Cinefamily folks and the New Beverly crowd. In my time here I have exclusively been a Cinefamily guy. I was introduced to the theater through Doug Benson’s movie interruptions, but I quickly came to appreciate their programming and even became a member. Without Cinefamily I probably never would have seen some really great movies like The Act of Killing or Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen. But the New Beverly has always stood by as a constant reminder of what I’m missing in the world of L. A. cinema.

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