047 – RoboCop (2014)

robocop 2014

And here we are at the end of another long journey. After going through the original RoboCop series of films, we find ourselves coming full circle with this year’s remake of the first movie. Did anything work – because certainly plenty of stuff did not. Read on to find out.

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046 – The RoboCop Trilogy (1987-1993)

alex murphy

What is it that makes us truly human? Our capacity for higher thought is what distinguishes us from the animals, but that line becomes blurred as we approach the singularity. When our machines can do the thinking for us, will we condemn ourselves to a lower stratum of existence? These are the kinds of questions central to thoughtful, cerebral movies like last year’s Her. And the RoboCop series of films, which began in 1987 with RoboCop, continued in 1990’s RoboCop 2, and wrapped up with RoboCop 3┬áin 1993. Is it possible for a robot cop to be more human than the people who created him? Who knows if that was the question the filmmakers set out to answer; regardless, they provided us with one.

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