045 – X-Force (2014) #1

x-force 1

I’m fully aware that not two days ago I mentioned just how difficult it is to try to keep up with all of the X-Men-based comics that Marvel puts out, but what can I say? I’m a sucker. The X-Men (and their – in hindsight – terrible ’90s cartoon) are what brought me into comics as a kid. One of the first comics bought for me was an early issue of the original X-Force¬†series – the one with Cable and Stryfe and Domino, with art by artistic pariah Rob Liefeld (that comic still resides somewhere in my childhood home, now sans a cover). X-Force was famous for being the source for gritty X-Men action, although that adjective described pretty much every comic that came out after Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Marvel Comics hasn’t let the title take a significant rest since those early days, so it is not at all surprising to find a brand new X-Force¬†#1 on stands.

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