134 – Slate’s The Gist

slate's the gist

Slate is an online magazine that addresses any and every topic a choosy consumer could ask for. Politics, film, television, sports, other stuff – they’ve got it all over at Slate. But I’ll be honest with you… The last couple years? They haven’t been very good to the website. Well, actually, they’ve probably been very lucrative. What I mean to say is, “they haven’t been very good to the website’s quality.” The site is much more interested in generating page views through contrarianism and grabby headlines than it is in publishing meaningful, thoughtful journalism. This is most rampant in the pop culture sections of the website. Despite all of that, Slate stands strong in one area: podcasts. And with the recent release of a new daily show – Slate’s The Gist with Mike Pesca – the site hopes to continue that streak.

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