240 – Starting a Podcast


So you successfully formed an improv team? That’s great. You’ve started performing together as a group? Excellent. The next step for any aspiring presence in the comedy community is, of course, to start a podcast. Everybody has one. From Jimmy Pardo to Joe Rogan to most of the people you meet in a UCB class. It’s just one of the many ways to forward your brand. So get on it everyone. I am.

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193 – Performing at the Coachella Valley Improv/Comedy Festival

still doesn't make any sense

i still don’t get it

Ahh, Indio. The armpit of Southern California. An excruciatingly hot destination that most people only know as the location of the annual Coachella music festival – the yearly opportunity for college kids to drink heavily and freak out on LSD. So much fun. But there’s more to Indio than a couple of music events. There’s also an improv festival.

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183 – The First Half of 2014

Ahh July 2nd – the day that cuts the year perfectly in twain (except for leap years. Ugh. Leap years are so pretentious). People talk a lot about how quickly time moves as you get older. Most of you have probably been guilty of such a fallacy, but I don’t blame you. We are all susceptible to the idea that discrete units of time, such as minutes or hours, begin to feel relatively shorter as the total amount of time we personally experience gets longer. My endeavor to write something every day has helped keep the actual length of 365 days (or 183 days at this point) in perspective. Looking back on them, these last 183 days feel like 183 days, and I don’t think you can ask for more than that from the abstract concept that we call “time.”

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