139 – Fatigue


It has been quite a couple months. After an April consisting of five to six rehearsals a week – often 3 to 4 hours a night – we are finally well into our run of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at The Cupcake Theatre. The run is almost over, in fact (some tickets are still available for this weekend, in stubborn support of one co-worker’s disbelief at the possibility of a sell-out). This month’s schedule has, on the surface, been much more manageable; just two shows a week, and no rehearsals in between. But rather than feeling refreshed and recharged, I find myself more fatigued than ever. I feel like Jimmy Stewart at the end of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. And I’m not sure why.

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136 – Joe’s Pizza

joe's pizza

“There’s no good pizza in LA.” That is a statement that is mostly true. Although, it might be more appropriate to say “there’s no great pizza in LA.” There’s plenty of fine pizza joints, but nothing that launches me over the moon. Now I’m sure I’m going to get hundreds of comments (what else is new?) about this or that particular place where the pizza is “really good.” Shove it up your bum, I say. Becoming familiar with a certain type of pizza is not the same as liking it. And that’s all it is really. We transplants have become complacent in our pizza judgments. Hell, I’ve come to possess the opinion that Domino’s is kind of good. And I hate myself for that. One local joint that I don’t hate myself for enjoying is Joe’s Pizza.

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128 – Getting Sick


Jeez, this happened fast. Two days ago I was complaining about a jerk with some unfortunate opinions, but I was healthy as I did it. Now all of a sudden I’m a mess; sore throat, stuffed up in most every orifice, generally fatigued. It’s just not fair. Maybe the man who left that comment on Goldstar (but your tickets here) is a witch, and has cursed me with his written words. Or maybe I’ve created the illness myself, as sort of psychosomatic reaction. Or maybe I’m really sick. Doesn’t matter, really. All I can do is hope I’m in good enough shape to Barfée it up tomorrow night.

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125 – Getting Reviewed


Welp folks, opening night has come and gone, and from my perspective Fraggled Productions‘ newly minted run of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (exclusively at The Cupcake Theatre) is pretty great. Full disclosure: that perspective is set firmly onstage looking out into the audience, so I may not be the most impartial judge. Luckily a couple of less partial individuals found the time to come to our first show and jot down their impressions. And that’s just what I want to talk about.

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