029 – School Lunch by Better 4 You Meals

better 4 you

When you read the phrase “school lunch,” what image does it evoke in your mind? Some people may imagine a plate full o’ slop, dished up by a big fat grumpy lady in a hairnet, though I’m not entirely convinced that woman and that situation ever existed – she may have been created by the media to bolster support for Big Grocery Store. I ate school lunch for years – mostly through elementary school – and the thing I’ll never forget is the pizza: that rectangular pizza with the tiny cubed pepperoni pieces? I have a feeling you know exactly what I’m talking about. Why did it taste so good? Probably because nothing about it was real food. Well I’m sad to report that that specific pizza is nowhere to be found in 2016 – at least not in Los Angeles. No, school lunch has changed, man. It’s changed.

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016 – Giving a Co-Worker a Ride

Car pooling

the incredible caption that came with this picture was “Multi-ethnic businesspeople sharing a car”

Do you ever wonder how you’re viewed by others? It’s a totally natural concern (I tell myself whenever it crosses my mind). We are a social species, and presentation and perception are integral concepts that come along with that. For instance, based on that last sentence (and every sentence I write) I clearly try to present myself as a smart person, while you probably perceive me as pompous and pretentious; we have to come to terms with the fact that we can’t control how others think about us. There are probably two people in the world who absolutely hate me, and only one of them has a real reason to. But there’s nothing I can do about that other person’s impression. Generally, though, I would imagine most people think I’m a good guy, even if I am kind of mean and don’t pull punches when I probably should. Is it possible to change the way you’re viewed? I suppose small deeds can add up to adjustments in others’ conceptions of you. Let’s give it a shot, huh?

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