208 – San Diego Comic Con International Day Four


I’ve worked hard to impart my positive impressions of the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International to you lovely people, but that is not entirely representative of my experience this year. Here’s where the real talk begins.

Day Four was already off to a terrible start, when our Chrissy had to catch a 6 am flight out of San Diego for personal reasons. He slipped out in the middle of the night, and it was as if he was never there. Except for the Chrissy-sized dent left between Jack and myself in the king-sized bed we had shared all weekend.

We had no real plans today. I slowly been getting sicker. Seriously, you guys should see how gross my throat looks. So we kind of planned on leaving early. The only thing that stood in our way was that damned Assassin’s Creed obstacle course – the bane of our comic con existence. Come hell or high water, we would make it to that course.

Well, something worse than hell showed up to dash our plans. In fact, it was high water of a sort: rain. A real rain came and washed all the scum off the streets of San Diego. Including Jack and I. It washed us all the way back to Los Angeles.

I wasn’t necessarily sad to go. My overall Comic Con experience was pretty underwhelming. I think that lack of planning that I was celebrating before we left ended being the main problem. When you don’t make a decision until 15 minutes before the event you want to attend, you don’t end up getting to see said event.

The novelty may have worn off from last year’s first-time experience. The highs weren’t as high, but the lows were just as low. I recommend Comic Con for those who will commit to the full event, but I will have to think long and hard about buying a ticket for next year. Oh well, it was still an experience. Now I have to go cut my inflamed throat out before another big day tomorrow. The fun never ends.

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